Agreement between New Zealand and the Republic of Croatia on Social Security

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Common Name:

The Croatian Agreement

Responsible Department:

Social Development

Administering Department:

Social Development

Treaty Summary:

Social Security Agreements modify domestic legislation to allow up to 100% of the rate of New Zealand pensions and benefits to be paid into agreement partner countries, and for applications for payments of New Zealand social security benefits to be made from Agreement partner countries. Social Security Agreements also enable people from agreement partner countries to count periods of residence or contribution in one country as periods of residence or contribution in the other, for the purposes of qualifying for social security benefits.

NZ Adherence Status:

In Progress

Negotiation Status:

Negotiation rounds were held in September 2003 and October 2004. Negotiations were then suspended in July 2005 as a consequence of the New Zealand government's decision to review its benefit system and assess the utility of adopting a single core benefit (which would have impacted on the content of the SSA). Croatia called a halt to the negotiations on 2 July 2014.


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Information about required Legislation:

An Order in Council is required to bring the agreement into force.

Impacts on Maori:

The Social Security Agreement between New Zealand and Croatia is unlikely to have any direct impact on Maori interests. The Social Security Agreement will protect the social security rights of all New Zealanders, including Maori, who move between New Zealand and Croatia. The Social Security Agreement will provide for equality of treatment for all persons to whom the agreement applies.

The Social Security Agreement will assist New Zealanders who move to Croatia to apply for and receive New Zealand Superannuation. The Social Security Agreement will also enable people to use residence in New Zealand to help them qualify for a Croatian pension. People who live in Croatia for a period and then return to New Zealand will be able to use contributions to the Croatian pension system to help them qualify for New Zealand Superannuation.

Croatia will also provide New Zealanders, including Maori, with the same rights under Croatian legislation covered by the Agreement as citizens of Croatia.

Impacts on Stakeholders:

Not applicable

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