Agreement between the Government of the State of Israel and the Government of New Zealand on Cooperation in Technological Innovation, Research and Development

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Common Name:

Technological Innovation and R&D Treaty with Israel

Responsible Department:

Business Innovation and Employment

Administering Department:

Business Innovation and Employment

Treaty Summary:

The agreement would enable business-to-business collaboration on research and development, facilitated and co-funded by the Israel Innovation Authority and Callaghan Innovation.

NZ Adherence Status:

In Progress

Negotiation Status:

The Agreement was signed in Wellington on the 5 March 2020 and is awaiting entry into force.



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Impacts on Maori:

The agreement is a high level framework to enable R&D collaboration. There is no impact on Māori interests inherent in the agreement itself.
The agreement will be operationalised through policies, guidelines and templates to be developed by the Israel Innovation Authority and Callaghan Innovation. The Crown's Treaty of Waitangi obligations will be reflected in these documents and their implementation. The guidelines can, among other things, specify any priority sectors for cooperation as well as sectors and technologies which are excluded.

Impacts on Stakeholders:

The key stakeholders under the agreement are technology-focused businesses. The impetus for negotiating the agreement was a technology sector mission to Israel in 2016. As is the case for Māori interests, the impact on other stakeholders will be considered in the development of policies and other documents for operationalising the agreement.

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